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We design, develop and manufacture bar equipment, accessories and other promotional products for leading brands in the horeca segment.

Our workshop provides services for applying a logo to any metal products from our store, and it is also possible to manufacture inventory and accessories according to your drawings and ideas.
Laser engraving
  • Laser engraving is the laser burning of patterns, symbols, drawings or inscriptions on hard materials such as stainless steel.

  • Prices for engraving:
  • Any engraving - $ 5.,
  • more than 5 engravings - $ 4 rub. per piece.
  • More than 10 engravings - individually
Custom-made bar equipment
We can develop exclusive inventory and equipment to support the unique corporate identity of your brand. Our main specification is stainless steel products, but it is also possible to manufacture leather, acrylic, wood and ceramics.

Prices for exclusive design
*All prices are indicative. It all depends on the complexity of the order and the completeness of the order, in other words, if you order more equipment from our store when ordering an individual design, you can count on an additional discount;
At the moment, the minimum volumes for the order are:

Strainers - 5 pcs.
Juleps - 5 pcs .
Fine Strainers - 5 pcs.
Bar spoons - 5 pcs.
Armbands - 15 pcs.