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The Cocktail Design company's online store presents jiggers and measuring instruments for the bar in a large assortment from the manufacturer. The offered products are characterized by high quality of execution, stylish design and a wide range of prices, therefore they will find active use in drinking establishments of both budget and premium level.

They decide to buy measuring instruments for making cocktails in accordance with the available recipe. It ensures that the exact proportions of ingredients are calculated correctly when creating drinks in a bar, coffee shop or at home. Such a device noticeably speeds up the work of the bartender when a large flow of customers simultaneously orders a lot of drinks. Professional reputation, as well as the fame of the institution itself, will not suffer!

Varieties of jiggers and measuring instruments and features of their use

Jiggers, as a rule, resemble an hourglass in shape, which consist of two conical metal vessels. One side is dimensional. The underside is sometimes called a "pony". Its volume can be any. The capacity of a standard stainless steel jigger is 44 ml (1.5 oz). Modern bartenders and baristas use products of different volumes. Basically, measuring instruments in sizes 40, 50 and 60 ml are in use. Every self-respecting professional at the bar not only knows how to use, but also masterfully owns such an unusual cup.
In addition to the volume, there is a classification by shape, there are products:
V type;
U type;
With and without a connecting ring.
Divisions for measurement are available inside or outside, there are options without drawings. Some models allow you to work with one hand in conjunction with a shaker.

You can buy suitable products in one click, through a virtual shopping cart. Description and specification of the characteristics for each model will speed up the purchase decision. Remember that before placing an order, you always have a chance to get a discount. We are responsible for the quality of our products and hope to see you among our regular customers.

We offer convenient terms of payment and delivery of products in St. Petersburg and the regions of the Russian Federation, which can be found on the relevant pages of the website. If the customer wishes, we carry out branding of the supplied products. You can get advice and answers to your questions by phone +7 995 622 62 02 .