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Bar sets

The word bar is always associated with the preparation of cocktails. The process involves the observer entirely. The very serving of drinks is filled with aesthetics. In addition to the professionalism of the bartender, bar equipment, which includes many different devices, dishes and auxiliary tools, allows you to provide a beautiful serving and fast cooking in compliance with all the technology. If you are planning to open an institution, want to update your inventory or want to learn how to prepare cocktails at home, we recommend starting with a bar kit.

The standard set consists of:

  • A jigger is a measuring cup that resembles a disproportionate hourglass in shape. The measuring cup consists of two connected bowls, the volume of which varies from 20-40 ml (small) and 40-80 ml (large).
  • Shaker – flasks for shaking hard-to-combine ingredients.
  • Strainer – a bar sieve, which is necessary for straining large pieces of fruit and ice.
  • Squizera is a press for squeezing citrus fruits. If the recipe provides for the addition of natural juice, it is better to use this tool not mediocre.
  • Madler is a masher designed for kneading spices, berries, mint and other ingredients for making drinks.
  • The wash of the glass, which is used to mix the ingredients with a spoon.
  • Bar Spoon is a spoon, the distinctive feature of which is an elongated spiral handle, which allows you to mix drinks in large volume or make multi–layered cocktails.
  • A bar knife, the technical design of which will allow not only to cut fruit, but also to make elements for decorative decoration.
The set for the bar will make the preparation of various cocktails easy and fast. The accessories are easy to handle and are perfect for use in restaurants and home kitchens. The online store offers to buy a set made of high-quality material with delivery in St. Petersburg.