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Glasses for bars and restaurants

In the field of catering, equipment plays an important role. The technique makes it easier to prepare dishes and create all the conditions for good service. At the opening stage, it is important to buy equipment for a restaurant that has advanced functionality and is distinguished by quality. It is necessary to make a list of aggregates sequentially, starting with essential devices, ending with the selection of additional accessories.

Equipment for restaurants and cafes is conditionally divided into the following categories:

  • Refrigerating. This includes refrigerators and freezers for long-term storage, display units and wine cabinets.
  • Thermal. Ovens, cooking stoves, ovens, deep fryers, grills, heating lamps, heating tables, narrow-directional ovens and so on.
  • Technological. Dough mixers, mixers, blenders, cutters, slicers, meat saws, bread cutters, vegetable peelers.
  • The bar. Ice makers, coffee machines, cocktail mixers, microwave ovens, bar refrigerators and freezers.
  • Ventilation. Kitchen functional hoods, which are aimed at removing odors, smoke and smoke in the production process, as well as hoods of lower productivity for ventilation of halls. Special attention should be paid to ventilation devices in basement-type rooms.
  • Climatic. Air conditioners, ionizers, humidifiers and heat curtains. This type of equipment is optional, but it will help to create comfortable conditions for customers and staff.
  • Commercial. Online cash desks, terminals, self-service cash desks, displays for the buyer, monoblocks, terminals, software.
  • At the same time, it is worth noting that during the selection of equipment, the orientation of the institution itself will also play an important role. For example, tables for distribution are unlikely to be needed in a restaurant, but they are perfect for canteens and fast food cafes.

You can purchase equipment yourself or order a complete equipment. The second option is the most convenient and is great for those who open a cafe, bar or restaurant from scratch. The sale of aggregates is carried out comprehensively by the managers of the online store, who work through the list of devices individually, paying attention to the specifics of the institution and the wishes of the customer. Professional selection will save time and avoid unnecessary expenses. The price depends on the selected manufacturer and the functionality of the devices.

On the website of our store in the city of St. Petersburg, you can find a complete list of equipment and a price list, which shows current prices.