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Cocktail glasses

A cocktail is a drink made from several ingredients that may or may not contain alcohol. Serving an aperitif in bars in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of the world may differ in some details, but there are certain unspoken rules for registration. The recipe and decorative elements can be individual, but glasses and glasses have a purpose. For example, it is not customary to serve whiskey in a vodka glass. Dishes for the bar have a large assortment, which will not be easy for a beginner to understand. The main types of glasses and glasses include:

  • A snifter or a cognac glass. It serves strong alcohol (cognac, brandy, whiskey, calvados) and cognac cocktails.
  • Highball. A standard universal glass with a volume of 250-300 ml. Suitable for various aperitifs (mojito, whiskey cola, gin and tonic).
  • Collins. The main difference from highball is the volume, which is 300-410 ml.
  • Hurricane. A glass shaped like a kerosene lamp on a leg. It is intended for the Hurricane aperitif of the same name and slings, which contain strong alcohol, lemon juice and mineral water.
  • A glass for Irish coffee. In addition to Irish (coffee with whiskey), it serves other hot drinks, such as grog or latte.
  • Tumbler or tumbler. It got its name because of the convex bottom, because of which it is unstable. Reassigned to pure alcohol with ice.
  • Old Fashioned. He is the younger brother of Highball. The volume varies from 180 grams to 350.
  • A Margarita glass. This wine glass was invented specifically for the Margarita aperitif, but is also widely used for low-alcohol tropical drinks.
  • Sauer. A glass designed for sour cocktails with a high content of citrus juice.
  • Cocktail tableware, in addition to the glasses listed above, includes wine glasses for various types of wines and champagne, a variety of shots (glasses) for each type of strong alcohol and coffee bowls.

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