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Professional equipment for restaurants and cafes

Coctail Design company sells modern equipment for restaurants and cafes in a wide range at competitive prices. We offer products of our own production, so we are 100% sure of its impeccable quality. We provide representatives of the Horeca sector with elegant, functional and reliable products for comfortable work of employees and customer-oriented service. You can buy everything you need from us on optimal terms for you.

The range of products offered for sale is constantly replenished and impresses with diversity, there is no such relevant position that a professional bartender would need and could not find on the website of our online store. We are glad to offer:
  • shakers and strainers,
  • jiggers and measuring cups,
  • bar spoons,
  • mixing glasses,
  • mudlers and squizers,
  • forceps and tweezers,
  • bitter bottles,
  • tools for forming and chopping ice,
  • bar trifles,
  • tubes and ornaments,
  • armbands and accessories,
  • products for molecular cuisine,
  • glasses,
  • products for baristas.
Without such devices, it is impossible to imagine any modern bar. Shakers allow you to prepare cocktails by shaking. Strainers – filter out large fragments of ingredients when pouring a drink from a shaker into a glass. Bar spoons participate in serving the cocktail and allow you to bring the recipe to perfection. Armbands simplify the work of the bartender, not allowing his clothes to interfere with the cooking process. To buy equipment for a restaurant in our company means not to think about the little things, but to create with pleasure!

Each item offered for sale is accompanied by a detailed description and indication of characteristics, which simplifies the choice for the buyer. As an additional service, we offer engraving on the manufactured bar inventory. Applying the logo will allow you to associate our products with your institution, improve brand awareness.

You can buy suitable professional equipment for bars, cafes and restaurants in one click, without leaving home. We have a service thought out to the smallest detail, created for the maximum comfort of our customers. We count on constant cooperation and do everything to make it mutually beneficial and pleasant.

We have convenient terms of payment and delivery of the order in St. Petersburg and the regions. Additional information is provided by phone, which is listed on the website. We will advise you on all issues. The amount of the discount depends on the order amount. Prices are noticeably reduced.