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Scales for the bar

Among the professional equipment for catering establishments, special attention is paid to weighing equipment. Serving scales for the bar are used when hanging bulk and liquid ingredients to create cocktails and other drinks. The main feature of this device is high accuracy and the ability to measure portions weighing 0.1 grams. When choosing, you should carefully study the following characteristics:

  • NmPV is the smallest weighing limit.
  • NIP is the highest weighing limit.
  • Discreteness is an indicator of the minimum mass fluctuation.

In addition, the scales should be able to switch units of measurement (gram, ounce, percentage), be made of durable materials that will allow the device to be used at any temperature, be equipped with a convenient display that allows the bartender to work in low light. It is also recommended to choose a mixed type of power supply (rechargeable batteries and mains operation via an adapter).

The bar is not the only place where scales are used. In the kitchens of cafes or restaurants, mechanical weighing equipment is used during the acceptance of goods and the release of products ordered by the cook. Electronic devices are used during the release of dishes and at the time of preparation of sauces or dough.

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