Ph meter digital

•Length: 15.5cm
•Weight: 50 gr.
•Hard case/case

The digital pH meter is designed to determine the pH level of water (hardness). It is a miniature device in the shape of a pen, 15.5 centimeters long, 3 cm wide. The weight of the device is only 50 grams. The electronic pH meter is characterized by high accuracy and reliability, the error is only +- 0.1, the measurement range is from 0 to 14 pH. The device is configured and calibrated out of the box. You need to collect a sample of the tested liquid in any suitable container, for example, a plastic cup, remove the cap of the device and lower it into water. There is a power button under the display of the device. Press the button and the pH value is displayed on the LCD display. It is possible to measure hot liquid (up to +80°C). If it is necessary to calibrate the device, it is necessary to use the supplied powder bags, having previously cleaned the electrode with distilled water.

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